Top 5 drinks that increase “libid”

11 November, 2020

    Throughout our lives it is normal to experience ups and downs in our sexual desire. Unfortunately, there are many external and internal factors capable of significantly affecting your libid.

    In order to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life, it is essential to enjoy optimal physical and mental health to live it with more intensity.

    Increase libid

    Unfortunately there is no magic bullet to increase libido, since problems like sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and stress are potential factors to influence both our mood and our sex life.

    However, you can improve your libido through a more active and healthy lifestyle. By practicing any type of sport or physical activity, our body begins to secrete the so-called happiness hormones, which help a lot to increase desire and help reduce stress. Likewise, playing sports also helps you look more attractive, which can also boost your sex life.

    The importance of health

    There is no miracle drink that can help you instantly, however, by taking care of your health you will be able to notice the long-term effects. In other words, these drinks are just a libido-enhancing supplement, but they won't have as much of an effect on their own.

    If you are concerned that your sexual desire has decreased, we recommend drinking healthier drinks such as the ones we propose below to increase your libido.

    Celery juice

    Celery juice is a drink that contains a number of health benefits and can also help improve performance in the bedroom. Celery is commonly known for its high aphrodisiac properties, as it can help improve blood circulation, distributing blood evenly throughout the body. Not only that, but it also contains a component that can increase pheromones in men, so your partner might be more attracted to you.

    Carrot juice

    Carrot juice is made up of certain elements that can help men to combat sexual dysfunctions, since it improves blood flow.

    Watermelon juice

    Watermelons are an abundant source of amino acids known as L-citrulline, which have the ability to improve blood circulation to the genital area and can help strengthen your erection.

    Aloe vera juice

    According to research, juice made from aloe vera has the ability to increase testosterone production, which in turn increases sexual desire and energy in men. Aloe vera juice is able to revitalize you and give you the energy you need to function in the bedroom.

    Pomegranate juice

    A glass of pomegranate juice can improve your stamina in bed. Pomegranates are full of antioxidants that are ideal for improving blood circulation and thus treating erectile dysfunction.

    Try these natural juices and enjoy your sexual desire again.

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