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19 January, 2021

7 places that you cannot miss

Not all cities have so many options for leisure. Barcelona is rich in alternatives for both daytime and nightlife.
11 January, 2021

Head massages that lead to something else

Say goodbye to the year by learning something new and unique: how to do an erotic massage.
22 December, 2020

This Christmas round off your stay in Barcelona with an erotic massage

Say goodbye to the year by learning something new and unique: how to do an erotic massage.
2 December, 2020

Why choose an erotic massage

Traditional massages lack that touch of sensuality and lust that erotic massages enjoy. There are several reasons why an erotic massage is much better than a traditional massage.
17 November, 2020

Are all tantric massages sexual?

An erotic massage is a unique experience in which, through a soft and delicate touch, but at the same time strong and firm, one can enter a world of sensory sensations and be enveloped in an aura of peace and tranquility that is beneficial both for the body as well as for the mind.
11 November, 2020

Top 5 drinks that increase “libid”

In order to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life, it is essential to enjoy optimal physical and mental health to live it with more intensity.
21 October, 2020

Long-term benefits of erotic massage

Everyone knows that our body is a temple. In fact, we must pamper and take care of our body by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
15 October, 2020

The misunderstood art of erotic massage

The cold is coming, and how better can you beat the cold than with a fiery and exciting massage?
29 September, 2020

Treatment of contractures and erotic massage

If you've had a hard day at work and your neck or back is in pain, you may have a contracture.
15 September, 2020

Free your senses: mindfulness in massage

Mindfulness - or mindfulness in Spanish - is a practice that is becoming very popular around the world.