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  • Keys of tantric massage

    Although tantric massage remains a great unknown to many men, all those who try it are fascinated by the intensity of the pleasure it provides. Although we live in a country with many prejudices, we must take a step forward in the openness of everything related to sex education, or else the problems will cause […]

  • Hire a sensual massage to rediscover yourself

    Sensual massages represent an experience that you will not regret, exploring new sensations while allowing stress to leave your body, obtaining different benefits that transcend the physical, emotional and spiritual. It is a good alternative to get in tune with yourself, very good option whether you are single or in a couple, it should be […]

  • What does a 4 hand massage consist of?

    The comfort of sleeping in a hotel in Barcelona increases considerably when you receive a massage. This type of treatment is very comforting and helps to improve physical and mental well-being. If you decide on a 4 hands massage, the effects will be much greater and the feeling of relaxation will be incredible. Our masseurs […]

  • Clitoral massage in your hotel room

    We are generally used to relating erotic massages to men. In fact, it is true that most of the clients of this kind of services are men, but that does not mean that there are no therapies specially designed for women, such as clitoral massage. Receiving a massage of this type by a specialized masseuse […]

  • Erotic massage for couples

    While it is true that sometimes it seems that requesting an erotic massage is a way to escape the routine and feel good about the component of infidelity it entails, our masseuses also offer the service of massages for couples, allowing both parties to enjoy simultaneously. This type of activity greatly strengthens the bond of […]

  • Massage oils to increase pleasure

    There’s nothing like a good erotic massage, whether it’s this time of year or when you feel overwhelmed by stress or just want to indulge yourself. Massage allows the whole body to relax, restores strength, strengthens immunity and acts on internal organs, by acting on the body’s envelope. The skin is the largest organ and […]

  • Use the holidays to receive an erotic massage

    Summer has arrived and with it the perfect time to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and relax. If we’ve been through a very stressful and challenging workday, this is the best time of the year to let go of the stress and pressures and allow our bodies to recharge. And if we also […]