• Massages and Euretina Congress in Barcelona

    The world’s best retinal specialists meet in Barcelona from 7 to 10 September at the International Convention Centre (CCIB). Ophthalmologic problems are very important in all ages and medical and technological advances are crucial to improving health issues. Obviously, our massages are therapeutic and are the perfect complement for professionals attending this important congress. If […]

  • August in Barcelona: football and massage

    Next August 7th the 52nd edition of the Joan Gamper Trophy will be held, which kicks off the start of the FC Barcelona season. The Camp Nou will once again be the ideal setting for the 2017-18 squad, led by new coach Ernesto Valverde. Traditionally, it has been a festive meeting in which the fans […]

  • Why should you choose a massage agency?

    Nowadays, the market offers a considerable amount of alternatives as far as products and services are concerned than all types. In this context, it is not only a question of consulting with agencies, but of people who are self-employed in a given sector of the market. As a result of the above, some prefer to […]

  • Improve your health with massages

    In times of today where there is plenty of stress and worry for so many responsibilities that you face at work, with children, the studies, economic situation and diseases, we need to dedicate time for us, in any way, and invest in our health in order to avoid counterproductive consequences. Massage also known as massage […]

  • B-Travel, learn about tourism and massages in Barcelona

    This weekend Barcelona will become one of the epicenters of global tourism and the free time, thanks to the celebration of B-Travel, an event in which many leisure options are presented.  In it, both companies that want to sell their services and products as the customers who want to buy them are located in the Fira Montjuic […]

  • Can you give a good foot massage?

    Generally, we like to feel spoiled, because we like the feeling of well-being and relaxation in our body. It is at this point where we talked about what would be better for our nights than a good massage. Surely, when speaking of massage, we think of the traditional massages in the back but we forget […]

  • How to get started with tantra

    Today, many people are interested in all those techniques and philosophies which can be considered as ancient, but which correspond to a type of beliefs that allow people to get the best out of themselves, in the use of his self-knowledge and awareness of what they can do. Masajes Hotel is based in particular on […]

  • How to tease with a great erotic massage

    We live in a complicated world, full of stress and distractions that take the best of us. One of those things that we lose is the desire and concentration during sex. It is for this reason that it is worth lightening the burdens of mental and physical of your boy before you have a session […]

  • Relaxing holidays in your hotel with an outcall massage

    No matter what the occasion is, if you are celebrating an anniversary or just planning an escape to have some spare time, there is nothing that brings more relaxation than a hotel massage. Having a soft massage can transport you to an atmosphere of peace and tranquility by the use of elements such as oils, […]

  • The benefits of a tantric massage for women

    One of the rituals that are taught in the tantra is the tantric massage, it has the influence of the Chinese and Indian cultures and it is considered as an experience that is at the same time spiritual and sensual. The tantric teachings on sexuality says that it is an exchange of love in a […]

  • Lingam and Yoni Massage

    In the world of massages, there are certain ways to provide with respect and care a sensation of wellness, relaxation and pleasure in the intimate zones for both men and women, these techniques are known as lingam (for male intimate zones) and yoni (for female intimate zones) and they can be performed at a hotel […]

  • Meet Alina and Gabriel while you are on holidays

    Summer is one of the best times to visit the city of Barcelona, to see it at its best. Beaches, excellent cuisine, streets why miss… A big city like Barcelona has many places to explore and it’s important to rest well to regain strength.Once in your hotel, why not receiving an erotic massage? Besides being […]

  • Receive Vivian after the Papyrology Congress

    Barcelona will host the 28th International Congress of Papyrology, from 1 to 6 August. This prestigious congress is held every three years and is the first time that it will be celebrated in Barcelona, at Pompeu Fabra University. In addition the organization of the 28th International Congress of Papyrology has envisaged two post-Congress one day […]

  • Relax your body and your mind with an erotic massage

    A tantric massage is always a good choice to get away from daily stress and have a break from your routine. These massages will help you cope with your physical and mental health. You are going to feel completely new sensations that you may never have felt before. When releasing your negative thoughts you will […]

  • An erotic World Cup with Nina

    Until July 16, the World Medical Football Cup is held in Barcelona. During this congress the International Medical Symposium in Health and Sport will be held. Thus, during these days, different professionals will be divided into teams that will have to defend their projects through various oral presentations to qualify for various awards at the […]

  • Relax after ISIT with Carol and Esteban

    Barcelona will receive from 10 to 15 July 2016 the International Symposium on Information Theory, also known as ISIT. This congress will attract several specialists to the city and has an extensive program that you can follow through a mobile app. If you are interested in this type of congresses and plan on staying in […]

  • Blanca and Dayana, new erotic masseuses who can come to your hotel

    Blanca and Dayana are the new masseurs of Shiva, and are fully prepared to stimulate you with its sensual movements. and years that are immersed in the world of erotica ago… and have come to Barcelona to revolutionize the city. Do you want to know? We present them step by step: Dayana physicist, your doom […]

  • Receive an erotic massage during your stay in Barcelona

    During the summer months, over 6,500 cruise passengers come to the Catalan capital to sample its delights: its beautiful streets, beaches, old neighborhoods, its gastronomy … and its eroticism. If you are one of the cruise passengers who arrive with the Harmony of the seas, do not forget to stop by our erotic massage center […]

  • Enrique will call your room after SIL2016

    This week, particularly from 7 to 9 June, held in Barcelona on SIL2016, the International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition, which will host people from all over the world who are involved in the sector. This appointment how many new useful offers and facilities for all companies in the sector to be in Barcelona during […]

  • Bizbarcelona and Alina, the perfect combination

    From first to second of June is held in the Catalan capital’s most anticipated spring salon: Bizbarcelona. Thousands of entrepreneurs will gather in the halls of Montjuïc Fair to accelerate its business and new opportunities. There will be over 200 conferences with 324 speakers, but also other activities: speakers, panel discussions, debates… If you’re starting […]