MWC 2022 The post-pandemic mobile World Congress

24 February, 2022

    After two years where the MWC could not be held under normal conditions due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, it seems that this year, this 2022, the event will take place without major setbacks. Let us remember that the 2020 edition suffered a total cancellation and that of 2021 a strong limitation of access. With this panorama, there were many brands that decided to postpone their presence and wait for better and more productive times.

    Thus, with exceptions such as Lenovo, which will not attend the congress in person, most of the most important technology companies in the sector will meet at the MWC in Barcelona 2022 in the place where it has been held in recent years.

    These types of events concentrate and attract a large number of people who in turn generate large direct and indirect income for the cities that host them. Congress attendees and visitors require a large number of services and amenities that nearby businesses benefit from. Overnight stays, restaurants, cleaning, transportation, are just some of them.

    Leisure and relaxation are other sectors that have seen their performance increase significantly with the arrival of so many people. Everyone has the right to have fun and unwind after a long day of negotiations and work. Spas, bars, nightclubs and also erotic massages are some of the most requested.

    Massages are especially indicated for these intense days. Standing up and down all day makes the body ask for a treatment at night that relaxes it and returns it to a state of tranquility and calm. Only in this way can the next day be faced with the same intensity and passion as the first.

    If this massage is also of a tantric nature, what more can you ask for? We are going to manage to connect our body and our mind through the purest and most absolute pleasure, the pleasure that orgasm causes at its highest point. So that our whole being will rest within the deepest and most intense sleep that you have ever felt.

    It is the need for Yin and Yan, good and bad, hard work and pleasure. Each binomial needs and feeds. Each makes the other stronger and they cannot coexist without each other.

    What better experience than visiting one of the most beautiful, historic and emblematic cities in the world under the mildness of the Mediterranean climate. Go later to one of the reference appointments for lovers of technology and future trends. Enjoy the great gastronomic, cultural and artistic offer of the land and finish off such an intense day with one of the best pleasures that exist, an erotic massage in the most professional house in Barcelona.

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