The preliminaries after a day of work

29 July, 2020

    Stress and anxiety can be detrimental to our nervous system. Preliminaries are a perfect way to remove tension and stress, and it is also the ideal way to improve our sex lives.

    What are the preliminaries?

    The preliminaries are all those activities related to arousal and relaxation prior to sex.

    The main purpose of preliminaries and sex is to achieve pleasure which should be mutual so that both parts of the couple are satisfied as this leads to a greater connection of intimacy.

    What are the preliminaries for?

    The preliminaries have many physical and mental benefits, so it should be a primary practice when having sex and being intimate with our partner or someone else. .

    Helps sleep

    After an orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released, which is responsible for relaxation and drowsiness. Therefore, after a stressful day, it is the best way to help with sleep regulation.

    Reduces stress

    Being intimate with your partner can reduce stress and anxiety.

    During preliminaries and sex, the body releases the hormones of happiness, oxytocin and dopamine which helps to relieve stress and tension. Also, intimacy increases self-esteem and happiness.

    Better orgasms

    Foreplay is also a critical part of getting more orgasms or improving them.

    Types of preliminaries:

    There is a wide variety of preliminaries to increase arousal and complicity between two people. Each person has their own preferences regarding the preliminaries that they like the most, however, it is always advisable to experience new sensations and try new things to fully explore our sexual pleasure.

    Kisses and caresses

    Although it may seem traditional, deep kisses and caresses provoke a previous excitement and stimulate the brain releasing the hormones of happiness.

    Erogenous zones

    The human body has many erogenous zones that help stimulation and arousal prior to sex. Some erogenous zones are better known; however, the human body has a wide range of them and they are not necessarily the sexual organs. It is advisable to discover them all to achieve maximum pleasure, such as the neck and neck, ears, hands, thighs, lips, ass, nipples ...


    There is nothing more intimate than a melee massage and stimulating our partners with the contact of our naked bodies without actually touching the sexual organs.

    However, there are also massages that involve contact with the genitals. For men it is the Lingam massages and the variant for women is the Yoni massage. .

    In short, the preliminaries are a good mechanism to achieve satisfactory orgasms that help us relax, reduce stress and feel happiness and complicity with our partners.

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