Educating our senses to receive pleasure

5 April, 2019

    Our senses are intelligent, so you can appreciate all the qualities of eroticism, can train. Actually, when a person touches the body of another, our brain receives stimuli on over 500,000 detectors, which decode the information on the cherished subject. Among the different body parts that arouse our senses come the main role. Therefore, the best way to educate the senses at the time of receiving pleasure through an erotic massage. The skin to skin contact, the sensuality of the moment, the seduction of the atmosphere and the intensity of pleasure turn you into a raging body sensations.

    During erotic massage, the concentration of receiver and transmitter allows us to discover the textures of the body, pay more attention. Subtlety and plenty of them opens the mind to never before explored spaces: soft, tough, flexible, wet, hot, cold, firm and sensitive areas. All a medley of textures and, as a result of caress, internal sensations. Thus, a mutual erotic massage performed solo and becomes one of the most appreciated practices that awakens physical and psychological, that improves the state of our inner and outer health. Therefore, since massage Shiva approached you some recommendations to awaken your senses before, during or after an intimate encounter with your partner:

    • The power of taste buds: in our mouth, taste detectors are organized by taste. From acids, which are recorded at the sides of the tongue, through the bitter, deep, salty surface and even sweets, on the tip of tongue. Although touch is one of the basic senses of erotic massage can also be used taste to create and receive pleasure. Recognition of the flavor of each part of the body generates the most satisfying ecstasy.
    • The scent of pleasure during the erotic massage, stimulating smell helps increase the pleasure. Therefore, use of aromatic massage oils, perfumes or other products helps create a sensual and erotic full of atmosphere.
    • A combination of senses: taste, hearing, touch and sight. Besides the smell, a combination of the other four senses is ideal for maximum pleasure practice. The concentration that our brain is capable of allowing control and education of the senses, something that continues to escape our natural origins. Using erotic intelligence and creativity in the massage we can harness the ability of the brain and thus become geniuses of eroticism.

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