The secret of sensuality

5 April, 2019

    Seduce, attract and fascinate are actions that every woman is capable of transmitting. However, the feminine essence can be sometimes hidden in his being, his soul or mentality. The visceral quality of our erotic massage has gotten enhance that essence of Woman generating real experts of sensuality. They have the ability to perceive the erotic movements and, more importantly, know how to convey his great skill. They get to enjoy the sensuality of the most special way possible.

    As noted the pleasure of a warm sunrise, sensuality in erotic massage generates the most intense inner joy. A combination of love, passion and spirituality gets awaken in you a feeling of intimacy impossible to evaluate numerically. For years, couples have left the sensuality in the drawer of oblivion, thus omitting the purest and stimulating eroticism. Our massage therapists remind you that you’d get lost, enhancing the satisfaction that your body craves.

    The secret of sensuality lies in a number of essential keywords for an erotic massage:

    1. Touching the body: stroking the skin itself is a very powerful method of solicitation. You follow your other fingers get parts intrigue the receiver and carry potential desire to tinker with your body.

    2.- Pouring head back: take the head and body back during massage represents a sample of disinhibition and ability to enjoy the moment.

    3.- Stretch: Lying on the recipient’s body will enhance the eroticism of each movement, generating a nice muscular tension.

    4.- Demonstrate the pleasure of performing a massage: It´s important that the receiver knows that the massage is being done to win, a fact that can be shown with facial expression. Our face is the main informer of sensuality, as it shows signs of purest pleasure.

    To rescue hidden feelings, our erotic masseuses touch your body and the sound of her sweet voice. Caresses and Whispers inciting cast your imagination fly and awaken your innermost eroticism. Instead of openly displayed to you progressively insinuate them, increasing sexual pleasure through pure sensuality. They make your body vibrate with every contact and every moment, taking responsibility for your personal enjoyment.

    Enhance the sensuality is a skill that emerges from the depths of our being. Eroticism is a state of mind that is transmitted into the body to be perceived by others. Do not miss the benefits of enjoyment and sensuality. The secret is in the hands of our erotic massage, but can now also be yours. Book an erotic massage in your hotel room in Barcelona and try it, it will be something you will not forget.

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