The origins of erotic massages

5 April, 2019

    Since ancient times, human beings have sought ways of obtaining pleasure, in fact, there are philosophers who claim that the primary objective in the life of a human being is to avoid suffering and seek pleasure. In this thousand-year-old search for pleasure, practices have been born that today are often used to find relaxation, and in this case, excitement.

    Erotic massages are often practiced by couples who are looking for alternatives to ignite their passion, connect with their romantic side and surprise their partner, and for those who think that these practices are from our century or the past, do not imagine that in reality humanity takes from its origin to our days executing these so relaxing caresses.

    As old as the human being

    Since the Stone Age, humans have known that touching their skin in a specific way gives them pleasure, and although there is no clear record of how long man has been performing this ritual, it is supposed to be related to the creation or birth of the human race.

    In fact, they are the precursors and inventors of thousands of techniques to obtain relaxation, but it is not known at what exact moment the branch or concept of erotic massage is born, since its practitioners knew it as an aspect or practice contained within the sexual act.

    A game prior to sexual intercourse

    Erotic massages have helped couples to understand each other, relax and communicate better in intimacy, so it can be said that they have been used as a key to awakening a person’s sensual side, preparing them for a more satisfying sexual encounter. They are totally linked to the sexual act as a prelude or ritual, but the technique itself does not have an exact date of origin.

    Tantric Massages

    These massages could be a reference to the antiquity of erotic massages, born of the tantras (very ancient books from Asia). According to Hindu tradition, these books were written approximately in the years 480-400 B.C. and their contents speak about the use of sexual energy and pleasure to connect with the spirituality of two beings who become one. This philosophy has spread throughout the world in recent decades, helping many couples to get to know each other better.

    The exact origin of erotic massages is uncertain, since it is not known from what moment this type of sexual caress was classified as massage, but what is known is that for many centuries these practices have helped human beings to know the limits of sexual pleasure.

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