The physical effects of erotic massage

5 April, 2019

    Among the effects that erotic massage, we highlight two groups that encompass a whole: the physical effects or mechanical (give us direct or local benefits and reflections or indirect) and mental or psychological. Both constitute a good way of healing the body, both externally and internally. However, although we know that erotic massages and lead to absolute ecstasy, enhance relaxation, wellness, joy, tranquility and vitality, sometimes we miss their direct physical effects.

    According to the book Erotic Massage, pleasure and energy to the surface (Ed. European Hispanic) Ada MIM, when a massage affects the treated area can directly say that is local beneficial effects. In contrast, when the massage is done in an area that differs considerably from the place of the body receiving the benefits of massage, we can say they are reflections benefits. Having made this clarification, we can state the main physical effects of erotic massage:

    • On the skin: increased temperature, skin exfoliation, removing scaly cells, activates the sweat and sebaceous glands.
    • About muscles: improves oxygenation and irrigation (muscle trophism), facilitates the exit of waste substances.
    • The circulation: increases blood oxygen levels, improves circulation by vasodilation caused by the friction of tissues.

    Although now the physical effects are clear, there is a common question: can bring the benefits of massage to treat internal organs? How Come? The answer to the first question is emphatically yes. As already mentioned, some techniques try very remote areas and, without necessarily being manipulated receive the benefits. The combination of eroticism and the ability to improve health is summarized in the following quotation from the book mentioned:

    “A treatment with reflection effect would reflexology, reflexology foot massage, acupressure, acupuncture, etc .: these treatments are based on work and turn, using different techniques, specific points of the body that, when stimulated, unlock and release thus allowing energy through the meridians of the body that is dispersed and distributed freely reaching every corner of the body for healing and recovery. Unlocking points and meridians allows free flow of energy that avoids possible illnesses and physical ailments

    Thus, although they are considered two distinct blocks, physical and psychological effects of erotic massages are closely connected. To experience it, go to Massage Shiva, your referral center in the city of Barcelona.

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