The most common erotic dysfunctions

5 April, 2019

    The scientific definition of erotic dysfunction is “failure of one or more phases of human sexual response.” Lack of arousal, lubrication, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction … is suffering from recurring and steadily over time and people who have them feel discomfort, sexual dissatisfaction and raise concerns to your partner. Clearly dysfunction erotic not manifest the same in each individual: there are different phases, levels and intensities. They can be classified into different categories: according to the time of onset, depending on the circumstances and depending on the stage of sexual response in which it appears. Want to know more about the topic? From Massage Shiva we help you understand sexual failures:

    The causes of erotic dysfunctions

    The erotic dysfunction may be of different origins: biological, psychological, sociocultural or partner. Although it is very difficult to identify a single cause, we can classify the reason of occurrence as follows:

    1. Biological causes: natural processes such as pregnancy or aging lead to changes in the body that can cause erotic dysfunctions. These changes alter our sexual response and can reduce our ability to feel desire, for example.
    2. Psychological causes: the sexual life of the individual is also related to his mental and psychological state. Obsessive and perfectionist people, for example, may develop an aversion to sexual encounter. As the drivers, who have a force inside that keeps them isolated and enjoy the erotic moment. However, anxiety, traumatic events or sexual abuse are also psychological causes that may act against individual sexuality.
    3. sociocultural and partner causes: in this module all the factors related to the influence of social and cultural center to which we belong are included, as well as our understanding of gender roles. These conditions usually appear in childhood, which can affect the long term the individual and also his partner.

    The erotic dysfunctions are a truly common occurrence today. There are many people who come to clinics and therapists to consult and eradicate what makes them suffer sexual level. However, one of the best practices to eliminate any failure is erotic massage. With Shiva Massages, you can now enjoy a full session with one of our massage in the comfort of your hotel room in Barcelona. Are you going to miss this opportunity?

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