Everything you need to know about body to body massage

14 March, 2022


    Do you know the most intense erotic massage?

    One of the most sensitive erotic massages is the Body-body massage, also known as body-to-body massage. Our erotic masseuses use the whole body during this treatment, not just the hands. An experience in which you can feel new pleasures and sensations by being both naked, both the client and the masseuse. A moment of deep connection through touch in which both bodies are impregnated with oil so that caresses and pressures can be much more fluid between both bodies.

    At Shiva Massage we take great care of the room where the Body-body massage takes place. Any erotic massage needs an atmosphere of relaxation and sensuality so that the person receiving the massage can enjoy the massage and experience all the eroticism without tensions or distractions. But in addition, this is one of the most intimate of our massage menu, so we prepare the room so that you enter an atmosphere full of sensuality and intimacy where you can feel unimaginable pleasures. The decoration of our erotic massage center has the power to teleport you to a very exotic place, with dim lights, music and aphrodisiac aromas that will accompany you throughout the session.

    How is the Body-body massage performed?

    The Body-body massage is an erotic massage that is close to tantra, it serves to relax the body and mind through an authentic journey of pleasure, it is a moment of dedication to the body and its sensations.

    Our erotic masseuses know tantric and Thai techniques that they put into practice using various areas of their body: breasts, buttocks, belly, hands... The result is a unique experience in which they lead you to feel waves of pleasure running through your entire body , a completely new way of feeling pleasure.

    Such an intimate massage can involve a great exchange of energy through touch. To facilitate this exchange, the two must be naked, so every pore and inch of skin becomes a transmitter and receiver of the erotic energy of the Body-body massage.

    The erotic masseuse puts her body at the disposal of the massage. His body is the instrument with which he achieves your well-being, absolute relaxation and pleasure. To favor the fluidity of the massage and that it can glide over the recipient's body, the masseuse applies a warm oil that will make the experience something sublime. The massage oil helps to make the movements soft and slow, so the masseuse can stimulate all the erogenous zones of the body and caress it completely.

    Benefits of Body-body massage

    With the Body-body massage we will be able to activate the circulation and the lymphatic system, the heart rhythm is balanced and the breathing becomes more fluid. Observe how your skin becomes smoother and brighter, keep in mind that inner well-being also affects your external beauty.

    Body to body contact makes you release endorphins, the hormones responsible for well-being, joy and pleasure, the same hormones that are released after sex. At the end of the Body-body massage you will feel the same relaxation and satisfaction that you feel after your relations without having had them.

    This massage, like all erotic massages, begins by introducing you to a deep relaxation that prepares you to later enjoy the stimulation of your erogenous zones more. In the relaxing phase you can feel a great relief and how your whole body unloads the accumulated stress. Tensions disappear and dissolve in pleasure. Thanks to the increase in circulatory activity in your body, you will be able to feel the relief in localized points of tension and how the quality of your erections improves.

    The benefit that is common to all erotic and tantric massages is the power of self-discovery that will serve you in your future relationships. It helps you to have more confidence and self-esteem and to know your own body better so that you can guide your partner so that he can fully satisfy you.

    The fact of discovering new erogenous zones, new ways of caressing or connecting energetically with the other person and creating a space of trust and intimacy are key to maximizing pleasure in your sexual relations.

    These are the best reasons to try some of the Body-body massage techniques that you have received at Shiva Massage with your sexual partner. For many couples, this massage may be just what they need to break the monotony of their love relationship, add eroticism and create very intimate connections. Being covered in gel and sliding against your partner can not only help create new sensations, but also help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

    For this massage you have to keep in mind that the oil you choose is very important to be able to achieve that body-to-body glide. One of the most recommended is nuru gel. This product is created specifically for Body-body massage and is made from Japanese seaweed. We can use other body lubricants, but they tend to be less productive and stickier.

    Without a doubt, the most unique characteristic of this massage is that the feeling of closeness with the other person increases confidence in oneself and in the other and helps to connect with the soul. With this massage you can feel a great erotic and sensory intensity, in this experience intimacy is created between the masseuse and the recipient of the massage and goes beyond any other erotic massage experience.

    The Body-body massage is the best choice because it is a journey of pleasure at the hands of the tantric and Thai universe that you will want to feel again and again. Learn this therapy at Shiva Massage and put it into practice with your partner, this emotional and erotic connection will be the key to your happiness.

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