Conference about diabetes in Barcelona (September 2019)

31 August, 2019

    Barcelona will be the epicentre of everything related to diabetes, as the 55th edition of the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes will be held. Without a doubt, an event of great dimensions for which some 15 thousand people are expected in Barcelona.

    Hand in hand with the Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) of the Barceló Group, this event is perfect to take advantage of such a special occasion and enjoy other offers the city has, such as erotic massages. Our therapists will be delighted to make you feel like new before, during or after a hard day’s work.

    Networking is one of the strong points in this kind of events, as the most important personalities of the field will be gathered there. That is why it is impossible to be 100% during the four days of the congress ; contract one of our treatments and we will do everything in our power so that you can perform to the maximum from the beginning to the end of each day.

    Inescapable appointment in Barcelona

    This congress, which will take place in Barcelona from 17 to 20 September, will feature lectures by specialists in different subjects divided into different sections: genetics, epidemiology, transplants, immunology, metabolism, care, complications….

    No one can escape the fact that being away from home is the perfect occasion to try new things, and Shiva Massage Therapies are a sure bet to feel better with yourself . In addition, they are the perfect cure for the stress of returning to work after a relaxing summer where you take advantage to disconnect as much as possible.

    Make the most of your stay

    Although it is an exceptional job opportunity, you cannot miss the opportunity to receive an erotic massage in Barcelona. Our masseurs are also at the forefront of their sector and that’s why it’s too nice to let it go. We are located in the center of the city so that it does not suppose any impediment for you at logistic level and we are wishing that you come to disconnect for a few hours and to evade your mind until the total relaxation.

    Diabetes is a disease that affects many people all over the world , which is why it is so important to organize this kind of events in different places to raise awareness about the impact it can have on the lives of patients and how to do everything possible to affect as little as possible in the day to day.

    Luckily, many specialists from different branches focus their work on the study of diabetes and it is therefore essential that the greatest foreign experts come to Barcelona to share knowledge and help the community continue to grow in terms of minimising the effects of diabetes on patients.

    Take advantage of your stay in the city to combine work and pleasure. Our professionals will be happy to make you feel good while you take a break. We know how to make men happy with different tricks and treatments. We look forward to seeing you!

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