The difference between sexuality, eroticism and love

5 April, 2019

    Occasionally, some people confuse the terms sexuality, eroticism and love unconsciously. The often used interchangeably and equated its theoretical meanings, making it necessary to clarify these concepts. According to Bataille, mere sex eroticism is different; The first occurs in animal life and human life just shows an activity that determines perhaps a “diabolical” aspect which should be the name of eroticism” . Furthermore, and as described by Paz, “sex is the root, the stem is eroticism and love the flower.”

    Thus, the classical theorists of eroticism require us to distinguish between these three terms. We could say that sexuality is the physical and carnal point of loving exercise, an act in which the senses are cornerstone and primary bridge and instinctive communication, through which a magical fusion of beings is achieved. The universe of sexuality is very complex, however, has clearly defined boundaries: the corporiedad, matter, form. His biological substrate is reproduction.

    Eroticism, however, is at a different level of understanding. Although there can be no sexual eroticism, it cancels, diverts or denies the biological function of the same: reproduction. Eroticism makes the play to the imagination, fantasy, invention, and the relentless pleasure. According to Bataille, “the whole operation of eroticism aim to achieve by being in the depths, to the point of fainting.” In an erotic context, it is also essential to have another body. The truth, in the encounter with another person begins foreplay, through the vision of the desired body. A deep understanding that sexuality does not include in its field of understanding.

    What about love? According to most theorists, love begins with the eyes of others, the person we love. Like eroticism, love is based on physically because of sexual gravity in pleasure. But, by itself, its conception goes beyond: it is a special form of communication, affection, freedom and knowledge of the other person. It is the continuous phase eroticism normal routine and daily events. Love is emotional coexistence above the carnal.

    Although, as we have seen, the three terms have completely different dimensions, can not survive one another: there is no love without eroticism, sexuality and eroticism without. Throughout your life, you have probably already experienced sexuality and love. But what eroticism? In Massage Shiva you have the opportunity to meet in person: without definitions, only actions. Contact our service erotic massage at your hotel and Know it more intimate atmosphere.

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