The perfect erotic massage for men

5 April, 2019

    Although the erotic massage is a wonderful experience for both men and women, how to do it´s a bit different. Yes, in order to provide pleasure, tranquility and enjoyment is the same, but the erogenous zones that we´ll carry are not shared (with some exceptions). So, to know how to give an erotic massage for men will allow us to reach the goal in the most efficient way possible. They reduce stress, relieve tension and enhance pleasure shall ensure through the following steps:

    1.  Candles, aromatherapy, soothing music… Although these elements are not determinants, themselves are essential to create the climate for erotic massage. Actually, the practice, requires more than just a quick rub shoulders, neck or back. The entire experience is important to maximize the power of eroticism.
    2. Begin lightly massaging the scalp using fingers can be a good choice. Smoothly, with moderate pressure and small circular motions may activate the recipient’s body and prepare it for the next steps.
    3. Use and scented massage oils is always a choice to heat the room, to create an environment that requires a good erotic massage. Furthermore, liberally coated on the skin is achieved avoid friction caused by dry skin.
    4. Pressure during the massage should change depending on the response being received from the receiver.
    5. Once massaged the scalp, hands should lower following body and taking care not to neglect any area that may need attention. Among the male erogenous zones include the ears, eyelids, neck, groin, inner thigh, back of the knees and feet, along the scalp. From top to bottom, it´s important not to get any corner, and less any of the above.
    6. Massaging is important to both the back and front man, having to turn once the massage has been completed on one side of his body.

    The Erotic masseuses of Shiva Massage, moving to your hotel in Barcelona without complications, they know how to make you enjoy the eroticism. Their professionalism and experience has allowed them to know the most amazing erotic techniques that individualize according to sex of the receiver and the same responses to touch, strong and sensual friction contacts. In a comfortable, quiet, and intimate atmosphere your taste can enjoy an evening like no other that you will remember your stay excited in the Catalan city.

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