Oils for erotic massages

18 February, 2022

    How do I choose the best massage oil?

    Massage oil is one of the requirements to give a good massage. It is true that for some massages in which the objective is to go deeper into the tissue, it is not so convenient to use a massage oil, but this is not the case with erotic massage. In an erotic massage, caresses and sensual movements with the hands or with other parts of the body predominate. To promote the fluidity of these movements, our greatest ally will be the massage oil because it allows the hands to sink deeper into the receiver's muscle and glide comfortably over your body.

    They offer skin benefits by moisturizing the skin and allowing the important ingredients in the oil to mix and penetrate the skin. For this reason, you have to take some time to choose the massage oil, if it is also essential, it will provide the effects of the therapeutic properties it has. For example, for an erotic massage we will not want to use one that relaxes the other person excessively and we will also have to take into account their allergies.

    If you still don't know enough about aromatherapy to be able to choose a massage oil, you can choose a simple one like vegetable oil. However, if you want to explore the benefits of aromatherapy you can combine flavored vegetable oil with various essential oils.

    Remember that this will be one of the ways to stimulate the senses during the massage session, it is also advisable to create an atmosphere of sensuality with dim lights and candles, background music and the correct temperature for the person who is receiving nude massage If it feels too cold, it could be tense and therefore the relaxing part of the massage would not have an effect, and if it feels too hot, it is probably uncomfortable. All these previous preparations are important to ensure that the erotic massage is also very sensitive.

    What type of oil is the best for erotic massages?

    The first factor to take into account when choosing the oil for an erotic massage is the compatibility of the oil with sex. Although the goal of erotic or sensual massage is not really to have explicit sexual intercourse after the massage, it may be that if it is between partners, the massage leads to sexual intercourse. That is why the oil should not be dangerous for the genital area.

    For those people who have some experience in erotic massages, perhaps at a certain moment they may feel like having different parts of the body involved in the erotic massage in addition to the hands. In the case of using the tongue on certain points, it is convenient to apply edible massage oils there, in this way the person who is giving the massage can be calm and can even recreate using the tongue.

    Once we take into account the two previous points, the following considerations have to do with the base oil used in its production, as well as the essential oil that is added. Massage oils with vegetable coconut oil or almond oil are best, as they are easily absorbed by the skin.

    On the other hand, the oils that are not recommended for erotic massages are the thicker oils. For example, aromatic oils like olive oil or avocado oil are the ones that are too thick. This type of oil leaves an odor on the body that is too intense to the point that they can be unpleasant, they create a sticky sensation and also, depending on the skin, they may be oils that are too greasy and not beneficial.

    Properties and effects of different oils

    Depending on the base of the oil and the essence with which it is combined, we can experience the different therapeutic properties and sensations that they provide. That is when we will have to choose the most appropriate for the person who is going to receive the massage and the situation.

    Oils with a stimulating effect:

    Basil: it is a simple but very effective stimulating oil that will enhance the effects of erotic massage.

    Anise: this oil is also stimulating, but it is characterized by the fact that it is highly appreciated for its flavor, which is why it is very suitable for the most intimate moments.

    Cinnamon: one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs that becomes one of the best options in edible oils.

    Savory: also notable for its aphrodisiac properties, this type of essential oil increases libido and helps reduce mental fatigue. Therefore it is the best option to give a massage to the person who feels tired but wants to receive an erotic massage, especially it is highly recommended for the Nuru massage or body body massage.

    Other interesting effects for erotic massage

    Clove: it has a great retarding power so we can use it in erotic massages in cases of premature ejaculation or if we want to start in tantric practices, clove oil can be our greatest ally to have long sessions of pleasure. Read more about tantric sex here

    Geranium: this is a very special scent and has firming power for the skin, it is an oil that will be very pleasant to the sense of smell and will give us a feeling of care and well-being.

    Lemon: this aroma should be chosen to clear the head and in cases of headaches.

    Orange blossom: it is an oil that helps to fall asleep, so it should be used only in the final phase of the massage and whenever we want to fall asleep afterwards.

    Special oils for erotic massages

    In addition to basing your choice on their therapeutic properties, you can also try other types of oils that will change your erotic experience.

    It is always a wise decision those that increase the blood supply of the area or those that produce a heat effect, these will always help us to increase arousal.

    There are also flavored edible massage oils, these invite us to experiment much more with our partner. Remember that in an erotic massage not only the hands are used, you can also use other parts of the body. This will create more intimacy, increase your partner's arousal, but also the other person will feel another type of pleasure in the erogenous zones by passing the tongue over them instead of caressing them.

    To finish, you should know that massage oil candles are a very interesting option. When the candle burns down, you can use it as a massage oil, it provides a pleasant warm and very sensual sensation.

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