After playing passionately, why not do an erotic massage?

5 April, 2019

    The Professional Card & Collectibles International Tournament (Magic: The Gathering Magic World Cup 2015)  will be held in Barcelona next Friday December 11 until day 13. An appointment in which the most people interested and clubs are concentrated in one place to compete and show others how to dominate the game. A lot of prizes on offer, and you can not win either. During these three days, something occurs like no other: this year, the possibility of winning is opened and then discover the city erotic massage. Many people who participate in this competition, the event can change your life. What makes people approach the Montjuïc Fair? The beauty of the magical characters, such as erotic massage Shiva Massages.

    The pleasure of our erotic massage

    Besides the great stories that lie behind each deck of cards, one of the virtues of this competition are the characters who take sides in it. Not only the participants, but also those who are illustrated on the charts. Warrior maidens with great force, mythical princess who must be saved, gentlemen fighters, strange creatures … They are characters that make us dream of a fully parallel world, like pearls that create our center. Located in Paseo de Gracia, there you will find passion, eroticism and total relaxation. After competing with sweat and tears, why not go to Shiva Massages to get a little peace and pleasure?

    Although our center is a real oasis of calm, we have a proposal that will be even more attractive for you. If you prefer, one of our masseuses can navigate to your hotel room to make you enjoy your erotic proposals. Want to know our new pearls? You will be practically the first to test your body … and appreciate the pleasure of his hands:

    • Sandy: masters perfectly all the erotic massage techniques you need to make you enjoy a relaxed and pleasant experience.
    • Laura: is a slim and sexy brunette with which you can get away from reality.
    • Vivian: Vivian is one of our most precious pearls … a woman who leaves behind an aura of sensuality that we all embrace.
    • Laia: passion of this Catalan of 26 years is to enjoy with your hands to men, women and couples, always incredible erotic massage.
    • Alba: Thai massage is a leading traits in his blood Asian sweetness and sensuality.

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