How to prepare an erotic massage?

Prepare an appropriate and carefully atmosphere is essential for a good erotic massage. The ideal environment improves exponentially applying a massage, contributing to receptor inhibition, in tranquility and relaxation. If the atmosphere is planned correctly, the person receiving erotic massage will be more comfortable, as the masseuse.

When you search for your ideal embodiment of the massage place, you must have the concepts of solitude and silence in mind . As a receiver, you have to get deeper into a world where there is no one, in the sense that only the touch of hands for your body. To achieve the above concepts are key in preparing an erotic massage. Choose a place without noise or agitation and Massage Hotel will provide the perfect erotic massage for you.

Do you want an erotic massage?

Another aspect to consider is the temperature of the place. The cold could ruin a good erotic massage, so that the chosen room must be perfectly set for the occasion. The temperature control is crucial, so, according to your needs, the massage when you arrive, it will heat the room in your hotel before you start. You should avoid drafty room because they can directly affect the enjoyment of the erotic massage. Maybe when you find yourself in the hotel waiting for one of our massage therapists, you ‘re not sure of the proper temperature. In any case, it is preferable that the room is too hot rather than too cold.

Caring light is also an important parameter address. A lamp that emits direct light on the receiver erotic massage may cause discomfort and eye discomfort. To avoid this, a glimmer, never directly addressed to the receiver is the ideal measure. Our erotic masseuses know how to make you enjoy, so that they also control some aspects that have not been taken into account.

The background music is also an important aspect. Sometimes you may prefer music to relax better, or maybe not. The sound environment is very personal and can vary depending on the preferences of each receptor erotic massage. Massage Masseuse Shiva brings a wide range of chill out music to make you feel comfortable and she can accompany your massage with the music to make it even more intense. However, it is preferable to experience the feeling with and without music, to establish what is best for you.

Following these tips for preparing an erotic massage, both you and the masseuse going to ideally experience. A unique encounter you’ll remember the rest of your life; a moment that will mark a before and after in your everyday life.

How to prepare an erotic massage?
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