The perfect touch

5 April, 2019

    The human body, as we have mentioned many times, has a lot of erogenous zones that we all have yet to discover. Men and women share some, but also differ among them: the ears, thighs, cheeks, back, chin … Even there are areas that never would have suspected they might have a sexual connotation. Although enhance each generates real satisfaction, the perfect touch only concentrate on one area: the nipples. And we are not talking only of women but also of men. Shiva Massage masseuses stimulate the body insistently. How do they do that? What kind of satisfaction you create man?

    According to most of sexologists, nipples are both men and women, an inexhaustible source of pleasure, as are full of blood vessels and nerve endings that make it one of the really sensitive body. Thus, it is important to know how to provide the perfect touch to achieve full arousal. Clara, Alexia, Diana, Amy, and Mika Paloma do so:

    1. play with the texture of your skin: subtle, circular and hands massage the nipples. But also they use all parts of your body to further stimulate the area. Her own breasts, her belly, her legs, her back …
    2. They place their thumb on the teat: the tip is the most sensitive area, so soft but deep strokes ignite the inner fire.
    3. The role of the oils through the products they use, the sliding feeling is much more obvious and, therefore, a pleasure, to use other methods, would generate unique.

    But it also can have fun with the perfect touch in the comfort of your hotel. Massage Shiva offers you the ‘Massage Hotel in Barcelona’ service, a new form to suit the client. It is nothing more and nothing less than a massage service in hotels, where you, comfortably installed in your room, you can choose the massage you most want. She jumps there and you get a massage dream.

    The Shiva professionals are at your disposal to accompany you on the path to pleasure. You just need to call the phone Massage Shiva, give the name and hotel room, select the type of massage and professional and, of course, waiting on the bed.

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