The relaxation of the body during erotic massage

5 April, 2019

    Nowadays many men and women have clearly aware of how to relax, and unwind from the day to enjoy the many sources of pleasure at our disposal, and discover the rich world of sensations. The real disinhibition of the routine is expressed through erotic massage, which is the practice more raw relaxing the body and mind, which ensures the meeting of balance between lust and responsibilities.

    Women as well as men, can not change instantly from a state of total relaxation anxiety. This change is a process that, like everyone else, must pass certain stages. What are the steps we should explore?

    1. Physical relaxation: getting take the body to a state of relaxation, a combination of deep breaths and an erotic massage can make the accumulated stress melt away completely. Physical relaxation is the first step to take, one of the most important to achieve the desired success.
    2. Relaxation of our energy system: each of us has a current of energy that one’s body and mind. Some identify it as aura, like electromagnetic force or as our natural electricity. When we invade this second step of relaxation, we feel a sense of heaviness in the legs and the rest of the body. This helps us focus on breathing and eliminate any sense of inner anxiety.
    3. Relaxation of the mind and the senses: when stage two is completed, it is important to work the mental and emotional stress through communication and touch. During this phase, you probably notice a feeling of lightness in the body as well as a slowing and deepening breathing. These signals show that it has reached the point of total relaxation.

    Getting reach these stages of relaxation involves some preparation. First, create a very relaxed atmosphere, using candles, scents and music. After preparing the environment, the second step is to apply the basic techniques of erotic massage and, most importantly, with the sequence and order appropriate for relaxation. The third and final step is to obtain excitation of the receiver, the sum of the previous steps and prepare the environment.

    Sometimes, some people are not comfortable with intimacy in unknown rooms. Therefore, our erotic massage can travel to your hotel room, where they can realizarte erotic massage that you preferred. Just call and wait Massage Shiva lying in bed. Pleasure call at your door when you’re ready.

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