How to get started with tantra

5 April, 2019

    Today, many people are interested in all those techniques and philosophies which can be considered as ancient, but which correspond to a type of beliefs that allow people to get the best out of themselves, in the use of his self-knowledge and awareness of what they can do.

    Masajes Hotel is based in particular on the techniques that tantra teaches, although they may seem complex or designed for select groups of people, the reality is that it is not so, the tantra practice is intended and designed for all, this is why today we want to give you some good suggestions from our experience.

    In the same way that yoga is a form of meditation that allows you to have a healthy body, the tantra is meant to help in meditation by means of the use of sex as a way to attain enjoyment and fulfillment.

    • Have a good environment – the environment is just as important as knowing how to meditate and control the emotions and responses of the body. It is necessary that it is a comfortable place, a place where no one or nothing can cause an interference to what you’re doing with the couple. It is also important to use the aromatherapy as an alternative that allows a most suitable environment.
    • Learn about the massage – the Massage Shiva Barcelona for example are designed in this practice, why it is so important that we can appreciate them and begin the initiation by means of them. Accept them and receive them allows us to then be more willing when it is time to perform the practice from our own understanding.
    • Meditate first – the first attempts of tantra are not simple. Therefore the most important thing we can do is to always be prepared or have a base of meditation and concentration, as the of the communication. In this way we can make a path to the tantra, let us remember that we must be able to control our body, therefore it is necessary to go practicing everything related to the breathing.
    • Discover yourself – one of the first things that all people ought to do when it comes to initiate us into something new, is the information. First we should read, and learn what it is and what type of benefits it offers us, in this way we can be more confident at the time of carrying it out.
    • The goal is not to ejaculate – the tantra believes that sex and pleasure are the basis to achieve a level of awareness perfect. By means of tantra people learn to enjoy every touch and every penetration with an intention very top, in fact, more than the orgasm. In fact, in this practice of ejaculation is something that has a third level of importance.

    These are some suggestions with respect to the initiation of the tantra that you can consider, there are also many other, however let’s remember that while it may seem somewhat complex, with the time and with perseverance, it achieves a high degree of sexual control.

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