Erotic massage and feet

14 February, 2022

    Why is it key that the feet are reflex zones?

    The feet are one of the well-known reflex zones and also one of the most important erogenous zones. They are called reflex zones because a multitude of nerve endings that are connected to different parts of the body coincide. In the feet we can find and schematically draw the body in its entirety so we can treat or stimulate any area through its reflection in the foot.

    Receiving an erotic foot massage means experiencing double pleasure. The one produced by the caresses on the foot itself, which is a very sensitive and erogenous zone, and the pleasure that is felt in the corresponding reflex zone. Our masseuses will seek to excite other erogenous zones through the foot, such as those corresponding to the tongue, the ears, the palm of the hands or the navel. In this way you can enjoy a holistic massage in areas that you did not expect to receive a stimulation, which will be a very satisfying surprise.

    This is known as foot reflexology and explains why a foot massage can have such a high erotic stimulation that you can reach orgasm while receiving a relaxing and erotic foot massage.

    In sexual reflexology, aspects of Taoist sexuality are combined with modern reflexology, that is, an increase in erotic experiences and libido is worked on, the improvement of the individual's sexuality and this also affects an improvement in the state health in general.

    Then we can consider the feet as a sexual reflex point that can be massaged and stimulated to improve our intimate life, increase sensations, solve or prevent premature ejaculation in the case of men and vaginal dryness in the case of women. women. Even thanks to erotic foot massage you can help to reach orgasm. Depending on what the person receiving the foot massage wants, it can be combined with direct stimulation of the sexual organs or just stimulating the reflex zone in the foot.

    It is curious that although it is one of the most powerful erogenous zones of the body, normally the feet remain very little explored and even neglected. This part of the body accumulates a lot of tension since it supports the weight of the entire body throughout the day and it is not common to even spend a few minutes at the end of the day to relax them with a massage or a hot bath.

    If it is an area to which so little attention is devoted, it is not surprising that an erotic massage has never been tried, that is why we tell you about the powerful sensations that are felt in an area with so many nerve endings and with such interesting reflex points.

    Points to pay more attention to

    To perform an erotic foot massage, you should start by relaxing the area in general. We recommend that you use a massage oil that allows the movements to be more fluid and thus make it easier to find the area that the other person likes the most. We will start by warming up our hands rubbing them with the oil and we will do a general relaxing foot massage.

    Simply take the foot with both hands and make circular movements with the thumbs from the center outwards and then focus on the toes, heel and ankle, areas that are much more important than you thought. Pay attention to the movements you make and avoid tickling the other person, this can make all the relaxation that we had been creating with the massage disappear and do not favor being able to find their reflex zones.

    Once the recipient of the massage is relaxed, you can begin to explore the reflex zones corresponding to the genitals. The points that you must stimulate are located on the heels and ascend to the lower area of ​​the ankles, both on the external and internal sides

    Specifically, the area behind the inner ankle of both feet is the reflex zone for the prostate and testicles in men and the vagina in women.

    There is a pressure point about 33% of the way to the third toe, directly before the curve at the midpoint of the foot. Known as the gurgle of spring, pressing this point helps the blood flow throughout the body, completely arousing it and causing a sensation of pleasure that will travel through the other person's body.

    One of the most recommended techniques is to use the knuckles to massage the heels with circular movements since the skin is thicker in this area and therefore more pressure must be exerted. Firm but gentle pressure must be exerted on the inner area of ​​the ankles, also rotating with the thumb or with several fingers at the same time.

    Tricks to improve erotic foot massage

    Our masseuses know what the key points are based on the desired results. The massages not only focus on the reflex zones corresponding to the genitals, but there is a more elaborate stimulation process that causes the excitement to increase little by little and makes the client discover a state of pleasure very different from what he had before. have experienced.

    Foot massage oil is a very important element for this experience because its special characteristics help to enhance and lengthen the effects of massage and excitement. In addition, you can also experiment at home with massage candles that add a contrast of sensations thanks to the change in temperature.

    For the most daring or those who already have experience in erotic foot massages and want to go further, we recommend using edible massage oils. In that case, the stimulation is no longer done only with the hands, but the tongue and kisses also enter the scene. A range of pleasurable sensations that will take the other person to a state of indescribable pleasure.

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