Enjoy a Barça show and receive a relaxing massage

5 April, 2019

    Next January 11th, Thursday, the second leg of the Copa del Rey will be played between FC Barcelona and Celta de Vigo. Without a doubt, this is an ideal occasion to watch live football at the highest level, and the perfect excuse to enjoy the evening to the fullest. Undoubtedly, a good massage after the match can make you feel as lucky as the players.

    Celta let out a Catalan side full of substitutes, who had an immense fortune in the goal, and who found a Vigo team far from their best moment. The match for the locals looked very well a priori yesterday afternoon. Unzué put his best team in front of an opponent who was pulling a box and quarry, even knowing that the Vigo had stolen a point in the recent visit to Can Barça.

    Football and massages, the best combination

    This is the perfect excuse to come to Barcelona and live the magic of our nights. After a bit of sport, there is no better plan than to sleep in a hotel with all the luxuries you want. Among them, we should recommend our massage services, as our therapists are able to provide the greatest physical pleasure you have ever experienced.

    As you know, sleeping in a hotel has enormous beneficial effects both mentally and physically. It is the ideal way to disconnect from the routine, as it literally takes us out of the environment to which we are most accustomed, and therefore our body renews its energy and charges the batteries to continue operating at full capacity.

    You don’t have to be a football enthusiast to enjoy Barça. This team has been demonstrating to the whole world for years how to put an end to the prevailing style. In that act of tactical rebellion, the team regained the talent and boldness that characterized him a few years ago and anyone can love that way of playing.

    What you will love even more is staying in a hotel and receiving a high quality massage. We are dying to visit you to a hotel room and let us devote ourselves to touching and massaging you.

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