Do you know Maya? We introduce her to you…

5 April, 2019

    Massage equipment Shiva grows continuously, and not only in our center also in your hotel. Increasingly professionals can come to your room and show you everything they know. Please note that our erotic massage therapists are experts in tantric eroticism and relaxation techniques. Over recent days, we have added a new gem: Maya. This young woman girl you to the very origins of oriental culture. Thanks to its origin, is able to move you all his skills of erotic massage. Pleasure? It is their main goal. Do you want to know a little more?

    Maya is a spanish girl who knows the purest characteristics of erotic massage. She has come to the city to dump all their knowledge in you, to help you fully enter the world of oriental eroticism. The techniques applied make the difference: their training in the field and their ongoing exploration of the birth of erotic massage make it a real expert. Men who have passed through his hands confirm this and, in fact, have not stopped again. The movements of your body function as a kind of magnet that never fails to connect with the opposite pole. Once try their treats, you can not escape his touch.  Maya will surprise you in one of our separate rooms.

    This erotic masseur is able to perform any proposal: from the most relaxing to the most sensual massage; even the new options you have at your disposal: interactive massage in the shower or on the couch. Maya’s hands are perfect for these developments, which have been successful since the have incorporated in our letter. Remember also can surprise you in the comfort of your hotel. The truth is his specialty: he knows how to acclimate the room to get comfortable and confidence climate. She believes that a more intimate atmosphere is much more faithful to the origins of erotic massage. There is nothing better than having a nest of peace for absolute relaxation and definitely enjoy the maximum pleasure. Without shame, without embarrassment and without insecurities. You’ll really feel at home, but accompanied by a real specialist of extreme sensations.

    Make erotic massage only men, and their connection with the opposite sex that makes it the best for you erotic massage.

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