Can you give a good foot massage?

5 April, 2019

    Generally, we like to feel spoiled, because we like the feeling of well-being and relaxation in our body. It is at this point where we talked about what would be better for our nights than a good massage. Surely, when speaking of massage, we think of the traditional massages in the back but we forget a very important part and sensitive of our body: our feet.

    Without a doubt, the feet are our support and function as the “shoes” of our building, because in them lies our body weight and it is these that give us stability when you put pressure when you walk. In addition, we must bear in mind that in most professions today, there are people who must be standing for 8 or more hours. And not only this, clearly in our daily life there are days strenuous in which we should walk or go from one place to another and at the end of the day we feel as if all of the heat and the tiredness of those hours rest in a single point: our feet.

    10 steps for a great massage

    1. The first thing you should do when you get home or before you go to sleep is to introduce your feet, or of the person to whom you’ll give the massage in warm water and let them stand for about 10 minutes. The warm water is essential for the feet to become fresh and not just this, it also serves to stimulate the feet of the person and, in addition, it works as a good sedative.
    2. To spend the 10 minutes, you must dry your feet. If you’re going to give the massage to another person, they can lie. Put a towel under your feet and leaning your feet towards your position. If the massage is for you, you ought to sit in a chair where you feel comfortable.
    3. Apply a little oil or cream on your hands, rub the product between them before using it on the feet.
    4. He starts massaging one of the feet. I know subtle. Starts stroking the top of the foot. The appropriate address will be the following: go from the toes toward the ankle. After change: low to stroking of the sole of the foot. Your caresses must follow a rule of pressure: go from higher to lower pressure.
    5. After you have done what was explained in the previous step, you have to do is to start to make movements in the shape of a circle with the help of thumbs of your hands; what you do on the sole of the foot. You’re going from the instep (the top) down, and, likewise, adjust the pressure of your movements. The ideal is that the increased pressure to focus on the areas with the most harsh, especially in the heel.
    6. Now, you have to hold the foot with one hand, with the other should cause the foot to rotate to the left and to the right and do this several times in both directions. It is recommended to perform the movement 4 or 5 times in each direction.
    7. In this step, what you do is hold the foot with one hand (again) and knead it with the other hand. Again, you must look at the pressure that you apply and regulate.
    8. Your foot until you reach the little finger. In all of the fingers you apply this direction: start at the root of each finger, and you’re applying a pressure very slightly until you reach the tip of the finger. It is important that you use your fingertips and that you do it gently.
    9. When you’re done stroking all of your fingers, again massage a little the upper part and the sole of the foot.
    10. When you are finished with the massage, the last step is to remove the oil or the cream that you used.

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