An erotic trip to enjoy your holiday

5 April, 2019

    For many, the holidays are just around the corner. The heat wave in recent days has increased our desire for peace, comfort and cool sea breeze. But where can we go? What is the most appropriate destination to spend our free weeks as expected? Why not organize an erotic trip? Although not well known, there are travel agencies erotic motivations, a dedicated line that will gradually opening its doors to the public. These institutions organize journeys around the world that let you enjoy the utmost pleasure. From Massage Shiva we show the most popular adventures so far:

    1. An erotic cruise: the “Love Boat” was the first organized jointly by the Italian shipping company Grimaldi Lines and manufacturer of condoms, lubricants and other accessories Durex sex erotic cruise. He left Barcelona on September 22, 2012 bound for Rome, a journey that was repeated a few years later. A success. For four days, the passengers were expected to find love or, at least, to live an unforgettable experience. Most travelers were single and spark animated the bow and stern day and night.
    2. Unclothed Adventures: One of the things to be done before I die is to spend a full day at a nudist beach. The sea, the breeze and the warm sand create a perfect environment to present our bodies without any shame. Another equally valid option that the cruise to discover the pleasure this holiday season.
    3. Activities for singles: carnivals, festivals, beaches, trips over a day … There are many activities planned for its participants to find love. Singles around the world will meet in the same destination (Bahamas, Costa Rica, Paris, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain …), exchange interests and ultimately unknown. An erotic journey unsuitable for all audiences.

    In addition to the locals who spend their holidays in foreign countries, we should also consider the tourists who visit our city. Barcelona offers a variety of erotic experiences, so discover the Catalan capital can also become a real erotic journey. Shiva massage, erotic massage center reference, is an institution that helps you find the lost pleasure in a foreign city. How?

    A masseuse will move our center to your hotel room in the city offer the most erotic and full massage from our menu. With this service, locals and tourists can enjoy the eroticism, sensuality and pleasure in an environment of comfortable intimacy.

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