All about cosmetics at Cosmetorium 2018

5 April, 2019

    Cosmetorium is the great meeting point of the cosmetic sector and allows to share all the opinions and advances regarding the production and distribution of cosmetic products. In this way, professionals from the field will meet in Barcelona on 26 and 27 September for the most important event of the year.

    There is no doubt that beauty and aesthetics play an essential role in today’s society and that is why the cosmetics industry has grown exponentially. Although physical appearance has always been taken into account, it seems that we live in the dictatorship of the image, where women are constantly examined and men must be impeccable if they are to make a good impression. To have a shiny face, the whole body must be in top condition, and for this there is no better treatment than a good massage. This way, you feel good about yourself and can face your daily life with renewed strength.

    Cosmetics and well-being: two great allies of happiness

    Science supports many cosmetic treatments, and that’s why it’s necessary for industry experts to meet at events like this to share and report on how the research is going. In this way, market trends are better understood and major improvements can be anticipated in the future. Spain has become a leading country in the manufacture and distribution of cosmetics products, so the appointment in Barcelona is marked in red on the calendar of cosmetics professionals.

    This event connects manufacturers with suppliers, so that they can optimize processes and maximize profits. It also deals with marketing, regulations and sustainability issues that help to make cosmetic products a great bet in the medium and long term. Undoubtedly, these products produce the best results when added to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, for which it is essential not to have muscle tension and enjoy a full sex life, just what we offer you.

    Massages for your stay in Barcelona

    During your stay in Barcelona, contact us and we will send a therapist to your hotel room. This way, you won’t lose time on the move and can stay in bed completely relaxed after the treatment. To assimilate all the scientific concepts that are exposed in Cosmetorium is much easier if you have the help of our masseuses, since they will make you feel 100% physically and mentally.

    If you want to make your visit to Barcelona an unforgettable experience, combine Cosmetorium with our massages and we can assure you that a work meeting will never give you as much pleasure as this one.

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