What are the erogenous zones of the body?

30 April, 2021

    Discover the epicenter of human pleasure

    Kissing, caressing or touching are some of the most effective ways to stimulate the most sensitive areas of our body. Once stimulated, our heart rate will immediately accelerate to orgasm.

    Dare to step out of your comfort zone. The body is much more complex and there are many erogenous zones that you may not know about and are especially sensitive. Here you can discover places that you did not imagine could be stimulated and that will be responsible for making you reach your best orgasms.

    The erogenous zones

    The erogenous zones are those parts of our body that, due to their high sensitivity, cause sensations of pleasure and excitement when stimulated. These are formed by many nerve endings that are the cause of this high sensitivity to stimulation.

    Most people think that these zones are limited to the sexual organs, but the reality is that the list of erogenous parts of our body is much longer than we can imagine.

    There are some that are more common to stimulate them through acts such as masturbation or vaginal penetration, but there are also many others that go beyond these techniques.

    Each erogenous zone and its arousal will depend on the various factors of each person, since not everyone has the same sensitivity in the same areas. Men and women do not react the same to the same stimuli. Each genital responds in a certain way, although there may be occasions when both men and women coincide in their sexual response. However, everything is questionable, since people's sexuality is determined by the socio-cultural environment around them. That is why it is convenient to discover your tastes and desires throughout your sexual life.

    Men's erogenous zones

    Man's pleasure has always been exclusively associated with the penis. However, the male erogenous zones are characterized by other equal or more important zones in the sexual act.

    We can't start without first mentioning the male G-spot which is the pleasure epicenter of the men's body. This gland has the power to make your orgasms unforgettable when stimulated.

    Another of the male erogenous zones is the sacrum, a triangle that is located at the end of the spinal cord above the rear. Also, there is the misconception that the testicles are stimulation points, however, it is the tissue that surrounds them: the scrotum.

    Although we cannot summarize man's erogenous zones exclusively with the male reproductive system, the reality is that the penis is also a key zone for sexual stimulation. However, it is not just one zone, but four places that can be stimulated. The main parts are the glans, the trunk, the scrotum and the root of the penis. Knowing the types of stimulation for each of these parts is the best way to get the best out of them.

    The erogenous zones of women

    The true female sex organ is the clitoris, which has more than eighty thousand nerve endings. This point of stimulation is the key area to achieve unforgettable orgasms. Not all women climax in their sexual intercourse and one of the main reasons is the lack of stimulation of the clitoris.

    The vulva is another of the female erogenous zones. When we refer to this term, we include both the outer and inner lips, the G-spot, the vagina, and all of its parts. The vagina is also one of the most sensitive organs, where the G-spot is located in the first third of the wall.

    The nipples are also one of the areas most prone to arousal. Its stimulation through gentle caresses will cause the most pleasant chills.

    The great unknown

    As we have seen, there are several erogenous zones in the human body where there are thousands of nerve endings. However, we should not focus on the genitals exclusively, since there are more sensual areas that we can enjoy to the fullest.

    One of the most unknown is the scalp. You may be thinking that it is a low erogenous zone, but the reality is that it is full of nerve endings that will contribute to arousal. By exerting gentle pressure and slowly massaging your hair, you can achieve a feeling of relaxation and maximum peace.

    We can't underestimate the neck area either. The nape, neck and clavicle area are very sensitive parts that can be easily stimulated through kisses and caresses. This is a very sensual area, full of finishes that will make you feel the touch of the skin through all your senses.

    The belly and navel is also a key area to start to excite your whole body. Above all, the part closest to the pubis can become the jewel in the crown. Both are very delicate and susceptible parts to excite us.

    Although there are different opinions, the reality is that the hands can become very sexy stimulation points. Licking and playing with them sensually can be a very erotic act. In addition, they are also full of nerve endings that will contribute to arousal.

    Open your mind

    To enjoy our sexual relations more, it is essential, not only to know, but to know how to stimulate each erogenous zone. If we want to reach climax and enjoy the best orgasms we must explore all our erotic areas to discover our most sensitive points.

    Each person is a world. That is why each body will have more or less sensitive areas depending on its organism. Knowing them to discover which are our favorites will be the key to improving our sexual relations.

    The question is to dare to open the mind when it comes to stimulating our own and other people's body parts. If you apply this change, you will notice how the quality of your relationships will increase and they will become explosive experiences full of pleasure.

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