The properties of the erotic massage

5 April, 2019

    The erotic massage is an ancient technique really bodywork, but has evolved over time and has been modified. In fact, even new interpretations have been added to the original concept and, most importantly, have spread from east to west. Now, erotic massage is not like a particular location: everybody practices it. The erotic massage can break the monotony of your privacy and, through the skin stimulation, manipulation of muscles, caressing and rubbing can find great pleasure and new sensations and improve your health. What are its main properties?

    1. Relax your muscles
    2. He dispels tension and reduces stress of everyday
    3. Calms the nerves and calm the mind
    4. Help to forget about worries, at least for the whole session
    5. Improved self-esteem, because the fact is enhanced feel desired

    To enjoy the benefits cited, it is necessary that both men and women, are well prepared to receive and give an erotic massage. Good preparation is crucial for everything to be a success. What are the main tips?

    • The hygiene and cleanliness are essential, since all kinds of massage involves rubbing skin to skin.
    • Hands are the main tools of all massage, so you should take care and keep them soft and nails trimmed to avoid disturbing the receiver.
    • Never make or receive massages after a heavy meal and not in body areas that present fractures, pain, infectious rashes, open wounds, superficial veins, swollen joints …

    From Massage Shiva we offer the possibility to enjoy the most erotic and full massage from our menu at your hotel. A massage of our Center will move to your hotel and you can enjoy erotic massage without having to go to our massage center. Prices include displacement and this service is only available for travel to hotels in the city of Barcelona.

    The massage at Hotel Shiva Deluxe is the most complete erotic massage from our menu. Thanks to our masajitas technique you will discover the true essence of erotic poses Tantric massage, Thai, Body to Body, etc. Stimulation reach every part of your body, brushing with the sensuality of the body of the masseuse. The essence of this erotic massage in your hotel is the extended body body with more intense tantric positions where you can customize directly with the masseuse. Discover the eroticism of a true erotic massage in your hotel.

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