The Power of Intimacy

5 April, 2019

    We could define privacy as the personal sphere of each individual zone where all that our fundamental for the development of the individual values ​​reside. Furthermore, the term can also be considered as a reserved area of our being, in which we decide who may enter, how and when. Intimacy is not part of the public domain, but it is private and personal sphere which contains behaviors, actions and expressions can decide not to disclose. In the field of erotic massage, intimacy has unquestionable power that must be addressed in depth.

    Intimacy exists in many different areas, which can be illustrated in terms of five basic levels: spiritual, sexual, intellectual, physical and emotional. In the other in a couple these levels must be overcome gradually, creating a joint intimacy that characterizes the union of two beings in every sense of the word. In erotic massage, even temporarily, the role of privacy could be interpreted in a similar manner. To achieve effectiveness massage, erotic massage and receiver must remove taboos, loose and intimate feel comfortable together.

    Different ways of expressing intimacy between subjects, such as words, silences, glances, some symbols, etc. A variety that in a couple of other acts as a counterweight to boredom and monotony. So, express intimacy and eroticism is a way to combat what many beings fear. In a session of erotic massage a similar situation occurs. The lack of intimacy and eroticism can lead to boredom, which certainly eliminates the benefits of practice and not get the satisfaction and pleasure that are expected.

    According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, women are better as far as privacy is concerned. His meticulous nature causes them to give more of themselves in each of its activities, erotic massage being one of them, without exception. Our erotic masseuses know the power of intimacy and know what to do to promote it, using their weapons and leaving most precious woman into his personal world.

    The main qualities that, in this sense, have our erotic massage can be summarized into two: the passion and flexibility. On one hand, they express more passion, are more sensual and erotic. On the other hand,  are flexible to the circumstances and are perfectly suited to the pleasures of the receptor, achieving unsurpassed privacy. The techniques used in massage erotic masseuses get Shiva to enhance the environment, creating comfort, confidence and a temporary link gets down any barrier or taboo.

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