The pleasure of erotic dreams

5 April, 2019

    The sensuality and eroticism not stop even when we rest when we sleep. The truth sometimes are also present in our dreams, some being so powerful and so real that wake us with the feeling of having enjoyed the ultimate pleasure. Although we may be seem strange to have an erotic dream, are not as rare as it seems. According to a study by the University of Montreal in Canada (some time ago), 8% of our dreams have a sexual content, however minimal. Moreover, not only men are more likely to dream of eroticism and sensuality, but also women. But according to the same study, women and men have different erotic dreams.

    On the one hand, and according to that investigation, women often dream about your current or former couples with couples, as well as celebrities. As the data show, 18% of them said to have dreams related to unwanted sex, and 4% have ever dreamed that their partner had an orgasm. But on the other hand we have men. Unlike them, who dream of meeting people they know, they often have erotic fantasies with imaginary people, people who have never seen and that shape their ideal of beauty. Only 5% of men who engaged in research dreams of unwanted sex. In addition, they are much more likely to dream of more than one partner, and it´s also important to note that none of the consulted during the preparation of the study claimed to have dreamed that their partner had an orgasm.

    Given the results, we can see that women and men have different preferences and predispositions to have erotic dreams. Believe it or not we, erotic fantasies play an important role in our lives, since they make us discover our hidden desires, our greatest pleasure and what our subconscious thinks about eroticism and sensuality. And this is the same case with erotic massage. Both one and the other, we do enjoy, make us value sensuality and allow us to forget worries, duties and tasks if only briefly. Hands sliding down a semi-naked body, endless caresses, changing pace and amazing sculptural figures of our masseuses will get to spend an erotic massage like one of your dreams.

    Your fantasies and dreams can come true in our center Massage Shiva where our erotic massage you will experience something so wonderful that may even seem unreal. Read our massage menu and choose the one you like, also observed the photographs of our masseuses and choose the one that hits you over. Your wet dream will come true.

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