Spiritual energy to find erotic harmony

5 April, 2019

    From ancient and especially in Asian culture times, has considered body, mind and spirit as an indivisible whole that can be treated or stimulated through spiritual energy. Most massage techniques are based on the idea that certain energy channels traverse the human body, reaching all areas and organs and energy also lead to mind. This idea also applies in the field of eroticism, which is necessary to stimulate the spiritual energy to finally find harmony through erotic massage.

    Generally speaking, erotic massage helps the flow of energy in the body and removes blockages that could distort this flow. Also, fill the body gets new energy, refresh and calm the spirit itself. Although suitable at any time, may be especially necessary when you live in an environment of supply or after a stressful day, so regain inner strength. Throughout the years, it has been scientifically proven that massage stimulates the production including the hormone oxytocin, which has an analgesic effect and stress. With our massage erotic massage, you will experience a relaxed way and slow its energizing and balancing action.

    But the path of erotic harmony would not be so alluring if prescindiéramos of the powerful force of the aromas. Aromatic oils emerge and strengthen the spiritual energy and the effect of massage. Relaxation, stimulation and mental wellbeing is further work through aromatherapy. Although our central Barcelona have relaxing oils for all kinds of erotic massage, we offer a special solution for the massage to your liking: one of our masseurs will travel to your hotel with an intimate atmosphere and created for you , will apply the massage that arouses more curiosity you. Thus, you can select the scent that awakens your most erotic sense and most excite your spiritual energy.

    How does this service work? A massage from our center which you choose, will travel to your hotel and you can enjoy an erotic massage without scrolling. Prices contained in our website include the same displacement. The service is only available to hotels in the city of Barcelona. Just call with your Massage Shiva, give the name and hotel room and choose the type of erotic massage, one of our massage therapists will travel to the area. Do not hesitate, activate your spiritual energy to find erotic harmony.

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