Speed ​​and pleasure, a unique experience during Motoh! Barcelona

5 April, 2019

    At April 15 arrives in the city hall Motoh! Barcelona, ​​a proposal the most attractive for all those fans and fans of two-wheeled vehicles. Until 17 April, exhibitors and visitors can participate in many activities, like watching the great professionals handled with their motorcycles. In addition, conferences and events in which the developments in the sector, particularly technology will be presented will be made, and commitment to this industry for the safety of people and the preservation of the environment will make it clear. It’s a great event for lovers of this vehicle. If expressly come to the city to enjoy the Motoh! Barcelona, ​​we have another proposal for you: receive an erotic massage in the comfort of your hotel. Do you want to know our male masseurs? They are great professionals…

    1. Esteban: with a muscular and attractive figure, a perfect face and an angelic look, Esteban adds another factor that makes it simply irresistible: his Argentine accent that deceives almost as much as her figure and conquer all the women who pass through their hands . It will give the company you need, eroticism with which you dream and excitement you’d already forgotten. All in one, all in an outstanding body also you will enjoy. Let go to your hotel and help you enjoy your own body, you can be sure you will not regret.
    2. Fabio: according to this great masseuse, calve a session with him is in contact melee, in which special emphasis is placed on the erogenous zones, whether female or male. It seeks to awaken the senses through an ideal for maximum pleasure preamble, increasing hormone levels that prompt the excitement. Erotic massage with Fabio represents the most extreme and close intimacy. He is affectionate, sensual and totally passionate. Fabio can make both men and women erotic massage.
    3. Alex: this erotic masseur manly look is much more sensitive than denoting his body and dying to have with you an intimate experience in which you’re the only protagonist. Why he is happy to move to the Barcelona hotel room you prefer to enter your living area and adapt to your preferences, needs and wishes. All with one goal as simple as complicated: to live up to your fantasy to meet each and every one of your expectations.

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