Massage oils to increase pleasure

5 April, 2019

    There’s nothing like a good erotic massage, whether it’s this time of year or when you feel overwhelmed by stress or just want to indulge yourself. Massage allows the whole body to relax, restores strength, strengthens immunity and acts on internal organs, by acting on the body’s envelope. The skin is the largest organ and its thousands of sensory sensors are activated during a massage, relaxing both body and mind.

    Even if the practice of a massage that will have a relaxing effect is quite natural, some steps must be taken for the massage to have maximum effectiveness.

    Plan where the massage will take place

    Not everyone has a room specially dedicated to massage or simply to wellness, but with a little imagination, a bedroom, a living room or a hotel room may be enough.

    If you don’t have a massage table and your bed is too low, too wide for you to massage from side to side, check to see if it would be better on the dining room table. In fact, we must not forget that the comfort of the masseuse is almost as important as that of the massage.

    If you have planned a one-hour massage, your posture is essential, it is the one that will allow you to make good gestures in a fluid way and without getting tired or injured. A simple table, as long as it is long enough, can be quite comfortable if you bother to put in a mat, a sports mat or several layers of towels.

    Set up a cozy atmosphere

    Once you have chosen a place to practice your massage, don’t forget to make it pleasant. The environment is a good part of the massage. You can light candles or lights in the room and turn off the lights to create a faint atmosphere. For a pleasant olfactory environment, burn incense (not too close to the massage so as not to upset it) or diffuse essential oils.

    Last but not least, check the temperature of the room: the person who is going to receive the massage will get undressed and, in addition, we will cool down very quickly when we relax. And there’s nothing more unpleasant than getting cold during a massage.

    Choose your massage oil

    The skin is not waterproof, be careful to choose an organic massage oil that will be free of pesticides, which contaminate our body. Depending on your wishes or needs, there is a wide variety of essential oils. This helps the muscles to relax, and this directly influences the degree of pleasure provided by erotic massages.

    Do not neglect the masseuse’s posture

    Remember, you’re gonna have to move, make wide moves, turn the table around. Your street clothes may not leave you so free of these movements. Hygiene also has to be taken into account: if the clothes are dirty on the outside, it is not desirable that you contaminate the person you are going to massage, who will be naked or half-naked.

    A short-sleeved t-shirt to leave your forearms free will fit perfectly. As for the colour, better the dark one, the white one tends to yellow due to the contact with the oil.

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