Free your senses: mindfulness in massage

15 September, 2020

    Mindfulness - or mindfulness in Spanish - is a practice that is becoming very popular around the world. It consists of focusing attention on the now, through different exercises such as breathing, focusing our mind on different parts of the body and our thoughts and evoking mental images that help us relax.

    Mindfulness is a mental, emotional, and physical state in which one simply remains focused on the present moment, freeing oneself from external thoughts and emotions. The thoughts related to the past or the future cease to have relevance and one watches it mentally as a mere spectator.

    Mindfulness and massage is a perfect combination to relieve and calm the mind and body of stress and anxiety. The purpose of the mix between mindfulness and massage is deep relaxation. These types of thoughts will help you calm your conscience to give way to pleasant and pleasant bodily sensations.

    5 relaxation tips during a massage

    Close your eyes

    Closing your eyes to let yourself be carried away by the experience and the different sensations is the first step to begin to relax. It is tempting to open your eyes knowing that there is a beautiful woman performing the massage, but it will allow you to relax and focus more on the other senses.


    Focusing on the breath will allow the mind to relax completely during the session. Breathing deeply and consciously will help you release the tension and anxiety that you have accumulated. Paying mindfulness on your breath will help you clear your mind of intrusive thoughts and focus more on those sensations your body is receiving.

    Repeat a mantra

    Prepare in advance a mantra, word, sentence or affirmation that you can repeat during the massage. They can be phrases like: "Relax", "I deserve this whim" or "Let yourself go." In this way, the stress of having to think of a mantra during the massage is avoided.

    Focus the mind

    Keeping your mind focused on the touch of the masseuse or any of the other perceptions can help you relax, as it is about not focusing your attention on thoughts outside the situation.

    In this way, breathing naturally slows down and blood pressure and heartbeat are reduced. Your mind only has to be carried away by the five senses.

    Do not speak during the massage

    It seems like obvious advice, but not talking during a massage session is beneficial to avoid focusing attention on thoughts that have nothing to do with the atmosphere created by the masseuse. However, this does not mean that you should not communicate your needs to the masseuse, in fact, it is necessary to communicate any thoughts that make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

    Ultimately, mindfulness is a powerful tool to calm the mind and achieve a state of relaxation to obtain the best physical and mental benefits from massage.

    Remember: breathe and enjoy!

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