Erotic hydromassage: take advantage of the shower

1 June, 2022


    The shower is something that we all have at our disposal and it is a good ally to provide us with relaxation and pleasure. We tell you everything you need to know about it.

    Whirlpool is a therapeutic technique that uses pressurized water and jets to help massage the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. This method is also sometimes called hydrotherapy, water therapy, or aquatherapy. While the scientific community has shown it to be an effective way to relieve exercise-related pain and soreness, as with other medical conditions, there are also some risks or side effects of using this therapy, which may not be for everyone the world.

    How does the hydromassage work?

    The use of hydrotherapy dates back to ancient Greece and Roman civilizations, when this practice was mainly based on the relaxation opportunities offered in each of the public baths, in hot or cold water. And it is that, although exercise in water and bathing are also considered hydrotherapeutic techniques, hydromassage today has evolved a lot thanks to technology.

    But let's not forget that there is also what we call "dry" hydrotherapy that uses a table similar to those used in traditional massage therapy. Instead of being submerged in water, the bed itself has a water-filled mattress and jets that help you feel the heat and pressure of the jets as if they were really getting you all wet. In addition, this type of hydromassage beds also have a thermostat that helps you control the temperature.

    The benefits of hydromassage

    Whirlpool offers most of the benefits associated with normal massage therapy, with the added bonus of water. While studies have yet to determine whether this type of practice is appropriate for everyone, the proven benefits include the following:

    Relaxation and improved mood

    Perhaps one of the most famous benefits of whirlpool therapy is the feeling of relaxation, in all its forms. In some cases, it can help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety that are so common and that we accumulate in our daily lives. In addition, studies also show that people affected by arthritis and rheumatism are helped by this type of therapy, considerably reducing the pain caused by their condition.

    Okay, but what about erotic hydromassage?

    When we talk about sex, almost every place we can think of is fun and we encourage you to venture out and find places to raise the tone. In the case of the shower or the bathtub with hydromassage, you must first know that having sexual intercourse on a slippery surface has its risks in certain positions. For this reason, at Shiva we want to explain to you the best way to carry out everything from the sexual act to an erotic massage, without anyone being harmed.

    Improve stability

    One of the biggest risks when you're in the shower is slipping. To reduce this risk you can get anti-slip stickers and stick them to the shower floor. If this is not possible, try to maintain an upright posture that does not displace your center of gravity too much, nor that of the person with whom you are having a good time. In the event that the massage is being performed in a jacuzzi or in a bathtub, the best option will always be to sit on the floor of the bathtub or to set up some seats to make everything much more comfortable. Also try to make the space comfortable and prepare the environment beforehand to take everything to the next level.

    Use lubricant

    The shower is fantastic and relaxing but the water acts on your skin reducing the natural lubrication of your erogenous zones. A silicone-based lubricant will be much more suitable this time as it will reduce the uncomfortable friction and allow you to stay moist and lubricated to enjoy the act even more. Poor lubrication during this type of intercourse can lead to friction burns that we don't want to see or feel.

    Accompany it with other toys

    When you are in a confined space such as a shower and your ability to move is limited. Things can get cold fast. Instead of risking trying more complicated positions, it's the perfect time to get that sex toy you've never used together out of the closet. These types of toys will not only help to provide you with the maximum possible pleasure, but they will also give an extra erotic and relaxing point while you are in the shower.

    If you don't have these types of toys within your reach, we'll tell you a secret: the shower head. With it you can apply the pressure of the water on the erogenous zones directly, making the passage through it an unforgettable memory.

    If you don't have a bathtub, hydromassage shower or Jacuzzi at home, take advantage of your hotel stay to satisfy those fantasies. We know that to build eroticism not only the sense of touch is needed. All of them, or their deprivation, can make the evening even more exciting. In addition, the different variants of pressure showers and a companion who knows how to touch where you like, makes your sexual experience rise to another dimension. If your companion is your partner, you can also play with lighting, aromatic candles and some alcohol. Enjoy the relaxation!

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