Alexia erotic massage and energy release

5 April, 2019

    To make the energy flow freely between two bodies must create an unprecedented harmony, thanks to the Shiva team, we can achieve through the erotic massage. Alexia, a recent addition among professional masseurs from the center, the receiver knows how to treat, how to caress her most intimate parts and how to enhance its hidden delights. The first thing is to tune breathing well: both players must inspire massage slightly inflating the abdomen and exhale together compressing it back and down until it is completely empty. The higher the concentration on the breath, the higher the energy efficiency of massage. And what else? How are massages Alexia?

    His gestures are mostly slow: every move must be fully assimilated by the person who receives it. Throughout the erotic massage, she asks you to close the eyes and try to inhibit any kind of thinking; induces you to work with emotion. First you’re upside down and your body Alexia work with great skill:

    1. Stimulate your ears with a circular on the outside and behind the lobe movement.
    2. You will pass your fingers over the eyelashes and lips, then made small circles to the surface on the cheeks.
    3. With three fingers, tighten hard the sides of the neck and gently blow on them.
    4. Rub the inside of the arms and legs.
    5. And, at this rate, it stimulates the body. It will continue massaging the back to finish and I subsequently asked to give a turn of 180 degrees. Thus, it will continue its technical and soft gestures to achieve maximum pleasure.

    Alexia massages not only serve therefore to ease the pain. They also cause mental and physical cleansing and regenerating relaxation and obviously erotic and sexual. Made every day, fighting any phobia, increase the self-esteem of the receiver and awaken hidden erotic desire.

    The newest addition to this erotic massage has been a before and after in our massage center. Our six independent rooms have caught more color, and the entire atmosphere is much more sensual. Alexia has managed to reinvent the concept of erotic massage, which has brought significant added value to our letter. If you want to sample the delights of this blonde beauty, slide under his body and let go.

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