Intimacy reflecting trust, acceptance and eroticism

5 April, 2019

    Is clear evidence that, in a context of pure eroticism, intimacy plays an essential role. The truth is one of the main features of an erotic activity, one of the basic premises that must be met for all a success. Intimacy includes the donation of the body to the person with whom we share an erotic encounter, something that no longer the pure reflection of our confidence and acceptance. Moreover, maintaining good privacy to extending the benefits of eroticism, creating a completely personalized service, connection and communication.

    To get the perfect erotic massage, we must carefully guard the privacy of the room. However, in the first instance we must consider what privacy means in itself an erotic act:

    • Intimacy and acceptance: through petting, look and communication, whether verbal or nonverbal, express acceptance of erotic intimacy itself. In the course of an erotic massage, especially when performed solo, gestures, techniques and attitude of acceptance denote time to the other person. Affection, either permanent or ad hoc, is one of the main feelings aroused this sense of intimacy.
    • The privacy and trust: receive or make an erotic massage is a symbol of trust, security and comfort. Actually, many people can not trust each other, one of them does not allow them to rely on their being. Erotic massage, submerged in privacy, helps create that sense of confidence that is lacking in many people.

    The lack of privacy in the course of an erotic massage can hinder all communication, either emotional or physical. And that intimacy is also supposed eroticism. Gestures, words and whispers awaken an intimate setting and foster the excitement of the people, and if they are in full erotic massage.

    Patty, Chanel, Amanda, Diana, Amy, Paloma, Mika, Sofia and Angelika know how to appreciate the power of intimacy. They can travel to your hotel so you can enjoy your erotic massage without leaving your room more intimate. Since Shiva Massage we offer the possibility of pleasing the most complete erotic massage from our menu in the comfort of your hotel room. The quality, beauty and sophistication meet in your privacy, providing you with the finest movements and the most pleasurable sensations. There, in the comfort of your room, you can free yourself from the daily stresses and vibrate with an erotic massage you never would have imagined. Dive into a sea of ​​pure eroticism and intimacy.

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