Rules of an erotic massage in hotel

If you are planning to have an erotic massage at a hotel, you must consider there are certain rules the place may have, in order to have a good experience it is recommended to follow them and avoid problems and misunderstandings especially at places that already have specialists to give massages.

Usually the massages given at a hotel massage follow the philosophy of tantric massage where caresses and stimulation of the erogenous zones are essential. The people that give the massages are professionals that provide the service of a sensual and naturist massage, which means they do not offer any way sex.

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The respect to the person that gives the massage

It is also required that you have both verbal and physical education with the person that is giving the massage, and to respect the limits. It is important to keep in mind that any violation of the rules will lead to the cessation of the massage without having any refund.

The hotel massage may also make an affirmation of not making any changes in the stipulated prices. Another common requirement is to take a shower before the massage, and they also may recommend having a shower after having the massage session in order to remove the oil from the body.

The rules of the service may also indicate the purpose of the massages, for example it may or may not say that their massages are only designed for the pleasure for the client and that they don’tprovide therapeutic massages.

The hotel massage may also indicate that discretion is asked for the clients and for the person that give the massages. They also could say the kind of products they use for the massages such as oils or other lubricants.

Some other important considerations to have

In the hotel massage rules are also common to be found some requirements and indications like the age, some of them only allow people with 21 years old as minimum, they also may include an statement to prohibit the sexual proposals to the person that gives the massage.

It is usually that payment to be required before the massage, and of course not being under the effect of substances such as alcohol or drugs for the security of the client and the person that gives the massage.

In the case the person that gives the erotic massage is a woman, some rules includes an statement to indicate they can be only touched in certain parts of their bodies.

As you can see, having an erotic massage experience at a hotel massage can be fun, but it is recommended to follow all the rules in order to receive the service in the best way possible and avoid any kind of uncomfortable situation with the administration of the place and you can return to the place for future massages.

Each place can have different requirements so it is important to take the time to read them and understand them completely before buying the service, it will save you bad moments for you and the person that gives the erotic massages.

Rules of an erotic massage in hotel
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