The benefits of a tantric massage for women

One of the rituals that are taught in the tantra is the tantric massage, it has the influence of the Chinese and Indian cultures and it is considered as an experience that is at the same time spiritual and sensual. The tantric teachings on sexuality says that it is an exchange of love in a subtle way. These days, it is not practiced in normal massage centers or spas because it has a strong erotic connotation and for this reason is almost impossible to find a therapist for this kind of massage, the best solution is to practice it with your partner at a place such as a hotel massage.

The way the tantric massage is practiced is by getting completely naked, without any towel or underwear to cover genitals, then the therapist starts using oils to do the massage. It is different from other kind of massages because it doesn’t follow any standard technique. Applying large moves, the therapist give the massage in a sensual way improving energy body, it is a procedure known by linking all the body parts of the woman, in other words the seven chakras or points of energy.

Do you want an erotic massage?

In this kind of massage the movements has to be made without too much pressure, in fact, the rubbing has to be slow and very soft, at some point it get hard to follow it in a mental way. The hands of the therapist goes from the feet to the head, in a way a vibration is produced that makes it hard to have any kind of thought, a good place to perform this massage is at a hotel massage.

It is necessary to clarify that the genitals are not necessarily included in the areas to massage, usually the hands may touch it lightly but it doesn’t become a masturbation act. It is important to keep in mind the breathing during this massage, and it has to be deep, from the diaphragm, this way the emotions are unlock and allows to have a better consciousness of the touch.

The benefits of the tantric massage at a hotel massage

The tantric massage is very sensual and for this reason its main purpose is to be aware of the body, without having a control of mind, forgetting about all the daily life with its gestures and automatic behavior. The moves done in the tantric massage helps to awake the women’s inspiration and also revitalizing the strength of men.

 It is an activity that not necessarily has to lead to sex, but in a couple, it is very helpful to improve the sexual energy of them by erotizing the relationship, a recommended place to do it and enjoy this is at a hotel massage.

Another benefit is that the tantric massage helps women to feel more released in an emotional way, getting rid of all the sexual repressions they may have, so a better union between her body and her sexuality can happens.

Some other benefits for the woman body

There are many other benefits that the tantric massage can bring to the woman’s body, for example, it helps to improve the blood flow which at the same time helps to the parts of the body to be more receptive to the stimulation received. Having a tantric massage also provides exfoliation to the skin activating glands.

The massage helps to have a better oxygenation to the muscles too, releasing substances that are essential to the process or relaxation.

The benefits of a tantric massage for women
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