Carol is an erotic masseuse without equal, a completely essential addition to our team of professionals. His long experience in the erotic area will help you achieve the utmost pleasure, always accompanied by hes touch, her body, her curves, her hair… All of her is pure sensuality, and knows how to use her figure to take over sensuality to your body and your mind. For her, ecstasy is reached from two different places: the viscera and brain. The explosion generated is such that an hour will make you truly short. This Czech student will fill the days of surprise and break entirely with your routine.

You can delight in its fabulous silhouette underwear or completely naked, always depending on the erotic massage you choose. Carol is an expert in successfully meet all your needs, but also in tantric postures and the body to body massage. The interaction with her is a great cocktail of sensations, which will drag the realm of erotic madness. Once you’ve visited her, you will not be able to not return. She awaits you in Shiva Massages, but also in your hotel room. Carol makes massages to men and couples.

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