Erotic massage for couples

While it is true that sometimes it seems that requesting an erotic massage is a way to escape the routine and feel good about the component of infidelity it entails, our masseuses also offer the service of massages for couples, allowing both parties to enjoy simultaneously.

This type of activity greatly strengthens the bond of the couple, since it allows them to experiment sexually with other people without falling into the problem of being unfaithful. There are many people who consider that an erotic massage goes beyond the permitted attitudes, but if you agree to receive it together, is a perfect way to add a little spice to sex life, and undoubtedly get out of the routine.

Do you want an erotic massage?

The benefits of asking for an erotic massage with your partner

Imagine that you are making a trip to Barcelona with your partner and want to finish the day well after spending hours sightseeing, what is the icing on the cake? Without a doubt, call our masseuses so that they come to your hotel room and you don’t have to travel to receive comprehensive treatment. In addition, being accompanied by your partner, you will not have to think of excuses or how to return home without raising suspicions, but after finishing the massage you can stay completely relaxed in bed.

This type of therapy has a number of advantages for the body, as it has beneficial effects both physically and mentally. When you receive this treatment, your body will be fully comforted and you will feel as if your batteries have been charged. After a restful sleep, the next day you will wake up with renewed energy and delighted to have contracted the services of Shiva Massage.

How to order a massage with your partner?

Although the subject of erotic massages is still considered a little taboo in our society, reality tells us that couples who opt for this type of treatment are very reinforced. The bond between both parties is magnified and that allows to have a greater confidence when facing their later sexual relations. Monogamy has us accustomed to a specific framework and hiring the services of a masseur contributes to greater self-knowledge.

Regardless of your tastes or preferences, introducing new and different stimuli can only be positive for your sexual satisfaction. All you have to do is contact us and choose the masseurs who motivate you the most from our catalogue. They will come to your hotel room and you will only have to relax to live a much more satisfying experience than you can imagine.

Erotic massage for couples
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