B-Travel and Massage Shiva, the best experience

Within days held in Barcelona an appointment you can not miss: the lounge B-Travel, the tourist event par excellence. The industry spread its wings and gives you the opportunity to travel around the world without leaving the Catalan capital. In the quotation you can find all kinds of activities from dining and Gymkhana experiences contests where you can win big prizes. You have nothing else to do from 15 to 17 April … and we’re going to propose another: when you get back to your hotel, I spent many hours wandering around the room, please contact our erotic masseuses. They may move to your room to delight with the most special masajísticas techniques. And now also we have new proposals in our letter: Carpe Diem erotic massage. Do you want to know what is it about?

Erotic massage Carpe Diem

This new hotel proposal is becoming increasingly popular. Carpe Diem erotic massage is based on the best-known Thai techniques, you will reach a total physical and mental relaxation. But not only that: the first part is dominated by the tranquility and peace, but the second is eminently pleasure and eroticism. The masseuse was let out for their encouragement and with different positions, will be delivered to a reserved only to men ecstasy: you can enjoy a unique experience with prostate lingam relaxations and caresses. How? Our professionals know how to do to perfection, using effective techniques that will help you reach orgasm without even stimulate your penis…

Do you want an erotic massage?

Actually, prostate massage is the best way to get to know the male G point. The prostate is a very important erogenous zone in men, and in it much of the ability to feel pleasure is concentrated. Therefore, those who try a prostate massage at our center can not resist repeating. And how come to this area? Direct stimulation is to introduce the well lubricated finger into the anus, slightly to accustom insertion. Once dilates and glides downward gently to stimulate the prostate, without penetrating deeply way. This proposal also complements the perineal massage technique: the perineum is the area that lies between the testicles and anus. It is very sensitive, with many nerve endings and therefore very pleasant. Ready for erotic massage Carpe Diem?

B-Travel and Massage Shiva, the best experience
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