An erotic massage can lift your libido

With an erotic massage also known as sexual or sensual massage you can break the monotony of your privacy as a couple, and a good idea is to do it at a hotel massage. You’ll see the skin stimulation, the manipulation of muscles, the fondling, the kissing and the rubbing can produce and receive pleasure, discover new sensations and improve your health.

Besides being delicious to be pleased by the hands of your partner at a hotel massage, you will also receive some other benefits to your body because it relaxes muscles, also it reduces stress and helps to dissipate tensions, it calms the nerves and the mind, it helps to stop worrying and it stimulates the senses too.

¿Quieres un masaje erótico?

The benefits of this experience at a hotel massage

Some other benefits about the erotic massage besides increasing the libido is that activates the blood flow, improves sex and the partner communication, it is a wonderful option to continue an active sex life when there are certain conditions that affect the other persons health like a recent surgery or an erectile dysfunction; and it can improve self-esteem to feel wanted and loved.

As you can realize the benefits of an erotic massage at a hotel massagego beyond a touch of excitement to your sexual encounters.

There are some advices to keep in mind to have a pleasant experience, for example the importance of the hygiene is fundamental, because all kinds of massage involves rubbing skin to skin, a good idea is to take a bath together as a preamble to the meeting at a hotel massage.

Another thing to consider too is that hands are the main tools of the massage, so you should take care of them and keep them soft and with trimmed nails in order to avoid hurting your partner.

Some advices to keep in mind when having an erotic massage

It is recommended to never make or receive a massage after a having heavy meal, if both have drunk a lot and also avoid doing it over body areas that have suffered fractures, have open wounds, inflamed joints, etc.

After choosing the right moment, make sure you count on time and you won’t have interruptions and after previously prepared the place with the appropriate environment as a room with a bed, sofa or rug to lie down, such a hotel massage, with a dim light and music background, you can start the erotic massage and enjoy the experience.

Whether you are the one who gives or receives massage you should relax and open yourself to an experience of sensory discovery, in full connection with your partner. Trust each other to be pampered and enjoy and improve your health with the benefits of an erotic massage.

An erotic massage stimulates all your senses, through caresses you have the power to relax the mind and body of the person you love. By having contact with the skin of the person you love not only narrows the bond, but also the love increases and improves your health in a very complete way. It is therefore sometimes is necessary as a couple to implement this relaxing technique. It is proved that massages increase the production of hormones that improve excitation and communication.

An erotic massage can lift your libido
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